Our forests, our communities, our future

Fundy Model Forest is involved in a variety of projects, grouped in four different but interconnected areas of interest: Community Futures, Science and Innovation, International, and Education and Outreach. Some projects are completed in a few months while others extend over several years.

Following is a listing of all the projects presently underway.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our process for developing project or would like to become involved. The Request for Proposals for 2011 is available for download. Proposals must be acompanied by a completed budget.

Current Projects

  Community Futures
Building community capacity
  Education & Outreach
Providing opportunities to experience and understand our forests
  Science & Innovation
Exploring bio-economic diversification & developing science-based approaches to resource management
Exchanging knowledge and community-building experiences


Past Projects

Completed Projects
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