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Early Years (1992 - 2007)



Acadian Forest Management and RestorationINFOR Inc.

Achieving Greater Accuracy in Ecosite Classification and MappingC. Norfolk and J. Moore

Future Radial Growth Forecasts for Six Coniferous Species in Southeastern New Brunswick B. Phillips and C. Laroque

Development of Hazard Ratings for Balsam Woolly AdelgidD. Quirring and D. Ostaff

Watershed-Based Management Planning for WoodlotsM. Steeves, G. Forbes and M. Smith


Tree Islands: Leave Patches as Refugia for Plants and Bryophytes in Harvest BlocksK. Frego and M. Roberts

Watershed-Based Management Planning for WoodlotsM. Steeves, M. Betts and G. Forbes


Best Management Practices: A Practical Guide for New Brunswick’s Private Woodlots - Chris Dickie

Conservation Easements: A Tool to Perpetuate SFM, Wildlife Habitat and Landscape Management Values in the Pollett River WatershedG. Fullerton


Balsam Fir Sawfly (Neodiprion Abietis) Nucleopolyhedrovis: Field Efficacy TrialsC.S. Lucarotti, E.G. Kettela, G.S. Thurston, D.B. Levin

Development of Stand Density Diagrams for Eastern Spruce-Balsam Fir Forests of the Acadian Forest Region. Progress Report for 2002-2003  - E. Swift


Extending the Spruce Budworm DDS: Potential Effects of Budworm on Non-Timber Values in the Fundy Model ForestK. Beaton, K. Porter and w. MacKinnon

Development of Integrated Pest Management Tools for Eastern Hemlock Looper: Assessment and Refinement of Forecasting Methods for Predicting Populations and DefoliationL. Hartling, J. Proude, D. Winter, D. O’Shea, D. Lavigne and N. Carter

Revision of the FMFNatural Forest Development Yield CurveJ. Knox

Application of User Manual for Forest Harvest Updates Using Landsat 7 Imagery for a Test Area in the Acadian Peninsula in New BrunswickK. Larade and P. Giles

A Stand Density Management Diagram for Balsam Fir in New BrunswickM. Penner, E. Swift, R. Gagnon and J. Knox


Forest Structure Change Detection in the Fundy Model Forest with Threshold Maps Based on the Landsat TM Wetness IndexS. Franklin, M. Lavinge, T. McCaffery and M. Wulder

Developing Remote Sensing Tools for Monitoring Indicators of Sustainability – A Test Case on Crown LandT. Lynds


Calculation of Mean Annual Increment by Forest Type and Reconciling with Expected Management Plan Yields Mean Annual IncrementSteven Spears

Interpretation, Classification and Digital Update of Partial Harvest Stand Conditions Using Annual Differences in Tasseled Cap Transformations of Landsat Thematic Mapper Imagery: A Study in the Fundy Model ForestS. Franklin and M. Lavinge

Model Prediction of Deposit of Aerial Pherornone ApplicationR. E. Mickle


Remote Sensing Change Detection of Partial Harvest Stands in the Fundy Model Forest S. Franklin, M. Lavigne, L. Moskal, T. McCaffery, D. Peddle, R. Johnson, M. Wulder and K. Pugh

Spruce Budworm DDS in Fundy National ParkD. MacLean


Direct Seeding Trials – J.D. Irving, Ltd.

Survey of Woodlot Owner Practices and Plans: Fundy Model Forest Case Study AreaK.L. Runyon


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